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  • v2.2.3
    7a8802ed · Version 2.2.3 ·
    Version 2.2.3
    \+ Added nb_NO translation.
    \+ Added es_ES translation.
    \+ Added option to "fix" LuckPerms' context on the Bungee for prefixes and suffixes only. This means that per server contexts are respected.
    \+ Added SocialSpy and LocalSpy exempt permissions.
    \+ Added permissions to view join, leave and server switch messages.
    \+ Added symbol for StaffChat.
    \+ Added AntiCapslock.
    \+ Added AntiSpam.
    \+ Added expiry to AntiDuplication.
    \+ Added configured language to bStats data.
    \* Fixed compatibility with older BungeeCord versions (including FlameCord) (Fixes [#131](https://github.com/AuraDevelopmentTeam/BungeeChat2/issues/131)).
    \* Filtering out vanished players from tab complete (this includes the `~Console~` player).
    \* Fixed some spelling issues and improved wordings all throughout the plugin.
    \* Updated de_DE.
    \* Updated fr_FR.
    \* Updated ru_RU.
    \* Updated zh_CN.
    \* Performance improvements.
    \* Fixed MulticastChat.
    \* Fixed `/local` sending messages to global chat (Fixes [#136](https://github.com/AuraDevelopmentTeam/BungeeChat2/issues/136)).
    \* AutoBroadcast no longer uses the GlobalChat server list.
    \* Fixed unmute showing the wrong player (Fixes [#138](https://github.com/AuraDevelopmentTeam/BungeeChat2/issues/138)).
    \* Fixed Alerts not containing clickable links under some rare circumstances.
  • v2.2.2
    61111ab2 · Version 2.2.2 ·
    Version 2.2.2
    \+ Added tab completion for all commands (where it is possible).
    \+ Added `%unknown_server%` placeholder.
    \* Make Global default if Local is disabled (Fixes [#119](https://github.com/AuraDevelopmentTeam/BungeeChat2/issues/119)).
    \* New accounts start in the default channel (Fixes [#120](https://github.com/AuraDevelopmentTeam/BungeeChat2/issues/120)).
    \* Disable channel correction if neither local nor global is active (Fixes [#121](https://github.com/AuraDevelopmentTeam/BungeeChat2/issues/121)).
    \* Updated fr_FR.
    \* Updated hu_HU.
    \* Updated zh_CN.
    \* Print unknown server name in unknown server message.
    \* Prevent console from using `/local`.
  • v2.2.1
    dbc6de19 · Version 2.2.1 ·
    Version 2.2.1
    \+ Added support for CloudNet 3.
    \* Fixed support for CloudNet 2 (Fixes [#115](https://github.com/AuraDevelopmentTeam/BungeeChat2/issues/115)).
    \* Fixed error when having the ignore bypass permission (Fixes [#116](https://github.com/AuraDevelopmentTeam/BungeeChat2/issues/116)).
    \* Fixed commands being canceled when players don't have permissions to chat (Fixes [#117](https://github.com/AuraDevelopmentTeam/BungeeChat2/issues/117)).
    \* Fixed ServerSwitch backwards compatibility (Fixes [#118](https://github.com/AuraDevelopmentTeam/BungeeChat2/issues/118)).
    \* Fixed build issues.
  • v2.2.0
    7402273e · Version 2.2.0 ·
    Version 2.2.0
    This update is **HUGE**!
    So instead of the typical list I'll try to summarize the biggest changes first and then I'll list everything in detail.
    Also please be aware that with this update support for version 2.1.6 stops right now. If you need my help, update.
    \+ Using new HOCON config instead of YAML. Your old config will be migrated and backuped. The new format includes lots of helpful comments, is a lot less prone
       to incorrect formatting (you don't need to worry about indentation, `:` and `=` are interchangeable, etc.) and the config formats itself.
    \+ New translation system. This includes default translations that are shipped with the plugin, customizable translations, custom languages and few quality of
       life changes compared to the old system. **Be sure to read the README files when editing translations!**
    \* Reworked the channel system. Local chat now is treated the exact same way as global chat in the sense that it has it's own command and permissions.
    \* Fixed several issues with people relogging too quickly.
    \+ Added contributors and donators to the startup banner.
    \+ Using new HOCON config instead of YAML. (New config file is called `config.conf`) (Features of HOCON:
    \+ New message translation system with default translation files.
    \+ Added several new placeholders:
      - `%fulldisplayname%`, `%sender_fulldisplayname%`, `%target_fulldisplayname%`
      - `%to_servername%`, `%to_serveralias%`, `%to_serverip%` (for ServerSwitch Messages)
      - `%from_servername%`, `%from_serveralias%`, `%from_serverip%` (for ServerSwitch Messages)
    \+ Added `/local` command.
    \+ Added `/localto` command.
    \+ Added MulticastChat to group local servers together.
    \+ Added `on`/`off` parameters for `/bvanish`.
    \+ Added `de_DE`, `fr_FR`, `hu_HU`, `nl_NL`, `pl_PL`, `ru_RU`, `zh_CN` translations (done by their respective translators). If you can update them or add a new
       language, feel free to [open a Pull Request on GitHub](https://github.com/AuraDevelopmentTeam/BungeeChat2/compare).
    \+ Added support for CloudNet Permissions Systems.
    \+ Added more options for passing local chat through the Bungee.
    \* Migrating old configs (old YAML config and older HOCON config) automatically (This should allow migrations from any version (starting with 2.1.6) to any
       newer version).
    \* Config migrates automatically when new options are added.
    \* Config automatically gets formatted on every start and reload.
    \* Renamed some badly named config sections.
    \* Fixed and improved ignoring.
    \* Improved placeholder performance.
    \* Placeholders may now be recursive.
    \* Fixed AntiSwear, so all combinations are allowed.
    \* Allowed changing the startup banner size (try it. `long` looks awesome ;) ).
    \* `/chatlock` and `/clearchat` allow the local server to be specified (and therefor can now be executed by the console too).
    \* Fixed several issues with people relogging too quickly.
    \* Updated LuckPerms to v5.
    \* Updated to BungeeCord 1.15 (backwards compatible with older versions (the new ServerSwitch Message placeholders need 1.15)).
    \* Reloading now works with all settings.
    \* Fixed countless other bugs and issues from both the development versions and the 2.1.6 release (I seriously lost track).
    \- Removed tab complete (all it did was tab complete player names everywhere with maximum priority. Super useless, especially with the 1.13+ improved auto
  • v2.1.6
    f7ed6de7 · Fixed crash ·
    Version 2.1.6
    \* Fixed bug with update checker.
  • v2.1.5
    6687ffab · Wrote Changelog for 2.1.5 ·
    Version 2.1.5
    \* Fixed leave message not showing after a reload.
    \* Added AdvancedBan to list of known mute plugins.
    \* Fixed no permission message being displayed instead of anti advertise.
    \* Anti-Advertise is now case insensitive.
    \* Fixed blocked PMs being shown in socialSpy.
    \* Using wildcardStrings for filteredCommands.
    \* Using better version comparison library.
    \* Internal improvements.
  • v2.1.4
    Version 2.1.4
    \+ Added server aliases.
    \+ Added placeholders `%serveralias%`, `%sender_serveralias%` and `%target_serveralias%` for the server aliases.
    \+ Added ability to filter commands in logging.
    \* Fixed config not being read as UTF-8.
    \* Fixed error related to bStats.
    \* Performance improvements.
  • v2.1.3
    8dbc5d07 · Added changelog ·
    Version 2.1.3
    \* Fixed plugin not detecting outdated config.
  • v2.1.2
    Version 2.1.2
    \* Fixed chatlogging causing exceptions on every message.
    \* Changed license to GPL v3.0.
    \* Removed obfuscation of code.
    \* Made source available.
  • v2.1.1
    Version 2.1.1
    \* Fixed color codes not working properly.
    \* Fixed aliases of `/msgtoggle` to registering.
    \* Fixed `/msgtoggle` not working.
    \* Fixed staffchat not working from console.
  • v2.1.0
    7d8e17ab · Revert "?" ·
    Version 2.1.0
    \+ Added AutoBroadcast Module.
    \+ Added MOTD Module.
    \+ Added WelcomeMessage Module.
    \+ Added key to customize chatlog file path.
    \+ Added separate permissions for colors and formats for messages.
    \* Fixed no permission message on join when user does not have permission `bungeechat.admin.checkversion`.
    \* Fixed Metrics for real.
  • v2.0.6
    13b20dc1 · Updated Gradle Common ·
    Version 2.0.6
    \* Fixed "No Permission" message being displayed, when new plugin version available.
    \* Fixed bStats Metrics.
  • v2.0.5
    50382309 · Updated CHANGELOG ·
    Version 2.0.5
    \+ Added ClearChat command and module.
    \* New versioning scheme. The build is now part of the version number.
    \* A lot of internal improvements.
    \* Fixed FileStorage storing wrong data (Fixes [#5](https://github.com/AuraDevelopmentTeam/BungeeChat2/issues/5))
    \* Empty messages don't get send.
  • 2.0.4
    c0eb0cbc · Fixed build error ·
    Version 2.0.4
    \+ Added
    fd9bdb92 · Version Number. ·
    \* Fixed option `passToClientServer` working inverted.
    \* Fixed option `passToClientServer` working inverted.
  • 2.0.3
    Version 2.0.3
    \* Fixed update message appearing when already on latest version.
    \* Fixed Exception when using `/ignore list`.
    \* JoinMessage now has access to the server (instead of unknow).
    \* When a player gets kicked before they join a client server no JoinMessage or LeaveMessage will be displayed.
    \* Allow passing of the chat messages to the client servers.
  • v2.0.2
    0a6ca018 · Version 2.0.2 ·
    Version 2.0.2
  • v2.0.1
    1c0b027f · Version 2.0.1 ·
    Update 2.0.1
  • v2.0.0
    Version 2.0.0
    \+ Ability to configure which servers are included in the Global Chat.
    \+ Ability to save player data on a MySQL database.
    \+ Ability to register custom placeholders and filters via the API.
    \+ Ability to set a prefix (or suffix) via BungeeChat has been added back. (/bungeechat setprefix, /bungeechat setsuffix)
    \+ Ability to list your ignored players by using the '/ignore list' command.
    \+ Ability to choose between 'local' and 'global' when using the ChatLock feature.
    \+ Ability to use chat features as the console. (Username ~Console~)
    \+ Ability to configure how much messages must be saved for the Anti-Duplication filter.
    \+ Ability to configure if the muting system of BungeeChat should be active on the Bukkit chat as well or not.
    \+ Ability to configure the Anti-Swear filter even better than before.
    \+ Ability to 'Spy' local chat messages via Localspy.
    \+ Ability to make Anti-Swear more aggressive by enabling "freeMatching", "leetSpeak", "ignoreSpaces" and "ignoreDuplicateLetters".
    \+ Ability to filter (Anti-Advertising, Anti-Swear, Anti-Duplicate and ChatLock) to be enabled on private messaging.
    \+ Ability to use Wildcards (\* and ?) in domain names for the Anti-Advertising and Anti-Swear filters.
    \+ Ability to use Regexes (start them with R=) in domain names for the Anti-Advertising and Anti-Swear filters.
    \+ Added plugin metrics (https://bstats.org/plugin/bungeecord/BungeeChat)
    \* Improved the performance of the plugin.
    \* Improved the chat filtering system.
    \* Improved the reloadig feature (/bungeechat reload).
    \* Improved the BungeeChat API by adding new features.
    \* Improved the way of saving player data into a file.
    \* Improved the version checking system.
    \* Improved the chat logging system: it could now be saved in a file of which the format can be customized.
    \* Improved the permission plugin hook system. External plugins will now detect automatically!
    \* Fixed the bug were players got stuck in a 'ghost-chat' when disabling the feature of the they were talking in.
    \* Fixed the bug were the Server Switch Message was called when a player joins the network.
    \* Fixed a lot other small bugs.
    \- Removed all Redis features.
    \- Removed support for the old BungeeChatAPI.